In the first decade, WINONE Elevator started, played the foundation, and stood firm in the industry. In the second decade, WINONE Elevator wanted to improve, to compete and become a strong!

WINONE Elevator is a company with dreams and pursuits. What is WINONE Dream?

“Winone Dream” is illustrated by the number “123”, which is to build a century-old store; to undertake two kinds of responsibilities; to achieve three kinds of win-win: to build a century-old store is to make WINONE a famous national brand in the elevator industry. The two responsibilities are: first, do a good job in products and services, and take responsibility for the safe and comfortable use of elevators by all our users. Second, we must revitalize the national industry and assume social responsibility for the Chinese dream of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation; Three kinds of win-win, that is, the win-win situation between enterprises and employees, the win-win situation between enterprises and users and all partners, and the win-win situation between enterprises and the government and society!

Ling Wang has been working hard and progressing in the direction of this dream. I hope that the dream of Ling Wang “123” can realize the situation of life, second, third life and three life, and get more people's approval and support!


Corporate Vision

To be a national brand of the world

Enterprise mission

Create a safe and comfortable high-quality life for human beings

Enterprise spirit

open, harmonious, pragmatic, innovative


The growth of WINONE Elevator CSR is closely related to the company's development. It is reflected in the growth of the company's operating performance, the growth of WINONE members, the interpretation of WINONE products, the understanding of quality and safety concepts, the growth of technical strength and the growth of employee welfare. In addition, the inside: WINONE Elevator has established a “mutual help, self-help” love fund, regularly organizes sports events, employee family days, departmental tourism and other activities, employees care for each other, accumulate fortune, spread love. External: WINONE Elevator participated in the establishment of the Guangdong Red Cross Entrepreneur Member Service Corps and the Guangdong Yixin Public Welfare Foundation, taking the initiative to assume social responsibility and then use the action to give back to the society.

The Guangdong Yixin Public Welfare Foundation was founded by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Liang Yongbiao and other entrepreneurs on June 4, 2013 with the approval of the Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Department. It was incorporated in Guangzhou. As of December 2016, the Foundation raised 45,009,733.68 yuan of charitable funds, and all funds donated according to the wishes of the donors for public welfare undertakings, including “heart-saving” actions, cataract rescue, poverty alleviation, fraternity, emergency response, and other public welfare activities. Recognized by all walks of life, it was awarded the “Excellent Red Cross Volunteer Service Team” by the China Red Cross Society, and was named “Volunteer Service Advanced Collective” by the Guangdong Red Cross Society and was selected as the 2016 National Best Volunteer Service. Project honorary title.

WINONE Elevator believes that for an elevator company, its biggest social responsibility is not to participate in many charitable activities, but to provide safe and comfortable ride experience for elevator users. It is an elevator enterprise product that is safe, reliable and durable. Core. Quality is the life of an enterprise, and safety is the greatest social responsibility of an enterprise. In the future, the company will, as always, fulfill the social responsibilities of corporate citizens, closely integrate the company's business development with the promotion of social development, and gradually establish a sound corporate social responsibility management system.